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Migrate from US to Canada, Move to Canada

Migrate from US to Canada

Latest trends from google show people searching how to migrate from US to Canada. There has been a major confusion following the new immigrant US laws introduced by President Trump government. There has been a constant fear and confusion over living in USA for the immigrants. Apart from this, major employment sectors has also been hit.

There has been a lot of confusion along with the fear for immigrants living currently in USA, as the laws are getting strict. People are preparing for legal orders and answers. While others are thinking of other options. So in these circumstances, most of the people have started thinking to migrate from US to Canada. or  look for better options in other countries.

Options to Migrate from US to Canada:

Since Canada offers great opportunities for all brilliant minds to invest in Canada and dwell properly in all the circumstances. There has been a major urge in searching terms like “move from US to Canada” , “Migrating to canada”, etc on Google and other search engines. This has been due to the current circumstances after changed US immigration laws.

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Dale Mundi Answers: Is it Better to Raise Your Children in the GTA or Toronto?

Thinking of buying a home in GTA or Toronto? Well, Realtor Dale Mundi can help you make an informed decision. If you have a family with young kids, it’s better to consider which area between the two can afford a good environment for raising kids. There are so many factors to consider before you buy home in one area or another. For good upbringing of kids, parents want safe neighborhoods with good schools, hospitals, infrastructure, and like-minded neighbors. Low crime rate is also another important factor. Everyone wants their family and property to be safe. Homes in neighborhoods where there are low crime rates are more highly sought after than their less-safe contenders.

Icon condos in waterloo and kitchener are another best suited properties for these purposes.

Parents with school-aged children also prefer neighborhoods with plenty of playmates and enough space for their children. They also prefer neighborhoods with adults with college degrees or even advanced degrees with whom they can share ideas and can act as role models for their children. Everyone wants the best for their kids, and it’s the duty of a parent to seek out environments that enhance the family life rather than diminish it. From Broker Dale Mundi, You can check best Icon condos and student housing in waterloo and kitchener.


When these and many other factors are considered, many experts, including Dale Mundi, agree that it is better to raise kids in the GTA (suburbs) as opposed to raising them in Toronto. Cities like Brampton and Mississauga in GTA boast amenities, parks, museums, and cultural wonders of Canada. There are also theatres and galleries that rival the best in the world, and restaurants that serve delectable cuisine from all over the world. Most GTA home buyers consider rapid transit and downtown virtues as walk able access to amenities as some of the leading factors that inform their decision.


Home prices are also a driving force behind some parents’ choice. Affordability influences the location where people choose to live given the fact that they also have to consider the expenses on the kids’ needs. Realtor Dale Mundi notes that properties in the GTA are friendlier in terms of prices than in Toronto.


Dale Mundi agrees that the GTA is a great choice due to many other aspects. For example, the area has types of diverse housing that can accommodate all demographics are affordable too. Depending on family size and the level of income, parents have a variety of housing units to choose from. GTA is also less noisy compared to Toronto. This gives children a good environment for their studies. Buying a home in GTA is the best decision one can make and when you’re ready to make the move give Dale Mundi and the Realtor Hut Realty team a call.



Brampton mega mall proposal sparks retail turf war

A proposal for a 1.2-million-square-foot mega mall in the city’s north end has sparked a turf war in Brampton’s retail sector.

Representatives of Osmington mall appeared before planning committee Monday on a proposal for a new high-density development on 37 hectares (92 acres) at Bovaird Drive and Mississauga Road.

The development would be anchored by a new mall and movie theatre.

The project has been on the books since 2010, but is currently stuck in a legal battle at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).

Morguard, owner of Bramalea City Centre, has appealed the official plan amendment on the grounds that the mall is not “adequately supported by the retail market demand.”

Morguard took aim at a market study completed by Malone Givens Parsons in 2014 as part of a special Official Plan Amendment proposal.

The amendment would create a special designation for the development to make it part of the existing Mount Pleasant area, rather than Heritage Heights, which is still under planning.

A report to council lists several objections voiced by Morguard about the project including that it is “not currently warranted” and would “usurp retail support for Mount Pleasant.”

Morguard also mentions that the new mall would undermine the massive investment made to expand retail space at Bramalea City Centre.

During Monday’s presentation, Paul Lowes, a planner who spoke on behalf of Osmington, said the project “is located in an area that is not represented by major retail, fair distance to the other major retail locations.”

A hearing is set for Sept. 13, 2016. Because it is under appeal, the final application decision is up to the OMB tribunal.

A recent presentation offered the public an opportunity to provide input and ask questions.

Residents raised concerns about urban sprawl, connectivity and traffic.

The Osmington development would be done over three phases with Phase 1, calling for a 1.2-million sq. ft. (111,485-square-metre) enclosed mall and additional retail spaces.

Subsequent phases would see the addition of office buildings as well as a hotel and apartments.

Parks, squares, and other public spaces are also planned for the site.

The project, at a cost of nearly $1 billion to build, is expected to create 4,600 jobs and bring 6,000 inhabitants to the area.

Also complicating the Osmington development is the uncertain status of the GTA-West corridor and highway proposal, which the province suspended later last year.


Plenty of Brampton New Home Builders to Choose From and Realtor Dale Mundi will Help

Situated in Southern Ontario, Brampton is a beautiful suburban city that is growing every day. In many ways, the Brampton community and housing sector is mushrooming and isn’t likely to slow down in the near future. In fact, Realtor Dale Mundi is working with the leading Brampton new home builders; Lakeview Homes, Mayfield Village and Townwood Homes among others and they’re already in the process of establishing some of the finest luxury townhomes and village style communities for homeowners from all walks of life.


Homeowners in Canada, who are planning on purchasing high-quality real estate investment’s or the ones who are looking for a new and unique abode for themselves should head nowhere else, but Brampton. Dale Mundi has spent his entire career helping families get into the home of their dreams and he’s ready to help you as well! The city is growing at a rapid pace both financially and community-wise. Today, Brampton offers a host of shopping and recreation facilities in addition to schools, retail outlets, green and well developed spaces, gardens, linear parks, highways, curved and beautiful streets, theaters, public transit and entertainment spaces. The city offers a perfect combination of modern and urban lifestyle, where you can enjoy and cherish a lifetime of memories. Given that the Brampton community is diverse and unique in terms of its population, it is very likely that newer demographic patterns as well as trends will reshape the city.


Brampton home builders incorporate the latest technological innovations and leading edge designs in their homes, each home builder is focusing on exceeding the expectations of the homeowners and providing them with their dream home as well as access to all parks, pools, healthcare, entertainment and much more.


The beauty of these new developments is that each is well-planned and offer the comfort that new home buyers have grown to expect. Brampton’s new home builders are designing homes to address the ever changing requirements of the homeowners today and since Dale Mundi has such a great relationship with these builder you will too! Enjoy top choice of hundreds and thousands of new homes that have been built in the past couple of years, as the new generation is entering the city with their own set of dreams and desires.


Builders are specifically concentrating on constructing homes that are true reflection of the owners and their vivid personality. Thus, the new models of houses are being designed in accordance with the specific demands of the homeowners. The new age builders and Realtor Dale Mundi are paying a great deal of attention towards commitment and detailing when it comes to creating homes.


As owners, you will simply love to walk into your house, which is not merely a place where you reside but a space where luxury, comfort, beauty and serenity awaits you.


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Steps To Financial Security by #dale #mundi


Steps To Financial Security;

Being able to be financially secure enough to enjoy your life in retirement is every ones dream. But can it be done by just anyone or everyone. Retiring financially should be everyone’s dream. When we are young the stress of purchasing a car, buying a house and starting a family becomes our life. It’s hard to even think about saving for the future.

We must work toward financial security but no need to exercise self-deprivation. A lot of people assume in order to save money they cannot enjoy life. It is not impossible to achieve long-term financial security without sacrificing your short-term goals?

Here are some tips to help you secure your long term goals;

-must enjoy little things while you can (exmp; #family#vacations#friends)

-know your strengths and knowledge and how to use them

-Make a plan and work the plan

-set realistic goals as well as long and short term goals

-start with small goals and grow them gradually

-start planning for retirement at early age

-save money and make it grow

-take calculated risks

-get a mortgage or line of credit for investments not for vacations

You must understand your priorities to achieve your financial freedom goals

Give me a call to discuss how I can help you secure your future investments


Investor’s Portfolio by #Dale #Mundi

Your Realtor Dale Mundi

What is your Portfolio return?

What does your portfolio look like?

Answer to that is most people have no idea and most people rather keep it like that. But it is a good idea to find out where your money has gone and where it will be in the future.

Well if you have the sources to help you surpass market returns, would you like to utilize them. Getting better results is actually easier than you think!

This is where I (Dale Mundi) can help you by;

-doing research for you {Icon condos, student condos, Best lake side homes, properties for sale}

-ensuring your money is allocated in the right property and the right market

-explain the risks and the rewards of investing in real-estate

-explain the cycle of the market

-what is bottom line

I have been working with investors just like you for many years and I am an investor just like you. lets Financially grow together



#Dale #Mundi Price gap between condos, houses swells to record level


Price gap between condos, houses swells to record level

The difference in cost has more than doubled in the past decade

For many first-time homebuyers, condominiums have been the easiest way to get a foothold into the housing market, a pit stop on the way to a dream home.

But a flood of new high-rise condos and fierce bidding wars for urban detached houses has caused a widening gulf between the price of condos and houses, which last year reached a record high.

In December the average price gap between a condo and a single-family house in the resale market of Canada’s four major cities, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal, hit $320,000, according to data from Brookfield RPS prepared for The Globe and Mail. It has more than doubled in the past decade as the average resale price of a house in urban centres grew 90 per cent, while the price of a condo grew by just 48 per cent.

The discrepancy is starkest in Vancouver, where the average resale house price has shot up 120 per cent since 2005 to $1.1-million, while condo prices have risen by 50 per cent. The gap is smaller, but growing, in markets like Toronto and Calgary.

The causes are predictable. The supply of new listings for urban houses, has followed “an almost uninterrupted downward trend” for several years, said Shaun Hildebrand, senior vice-president of condo research firm Urbanation. That has been driven partly by a lack of newly built homes in urban centres and also by the fact that existing homeowners have been hesitant to sell in case there’s nothing to buy.

On the other hand are the rising number of new condo developments, driven in large part by a push among policy makers to boost density and curb urban sprawl.

But the price gap has profound implications, both for new buyers trying to find their way into the housing market without breaking the bank and for cities struggling to find the right mix of affordable housing.

Increasingly, the price gap between houses and condos reflects the fact that the two appeal to entirely different buyers, with investor-owned condos mainly serving the rental market as young families bid up the prices of detached homes. Even Calgary, which traditionally has had plenty of room to sprawl, has seen the shift toward condo buildings featuring bachelor units and no parking.

The glut of new rental housing has convinced many potential condo buyers to rent instead, driving down the demand for condos.

“There isn’t that same sense of urgency as there once was to get into marketplace because the costs are actually comparatively lower to rent than to buy,” said Mr. Hildebrand.

Meanwhile, the trend toward basement rental suites has made it easier for homebuyers to afford the massive mortgages on their houses, while also competing directly with condos on the rental market.

Despite a trend toward high-density city living, for many Canadians the ideal home is still the detached house, which is why the prospect of losing out on a dream house has become a far more emotional than missing out on a great condo, said Cory Raven, managing broker at Re/Max in Vancouver. The chances that a similar unit in the same building will eventually hit the market are pretty good, while the chance of finding the same renovated house nearby great parks and schools is slim to none.

Some industry officials say the slowdown in condo prices has been good for the market because it has driven out speculative investors looking to buy preconstruction units and then flip them a year later for a huge profit. Today’s condo investors are more often looking to make their money long-term on rental income rather than price appreciation.

“We’re okay with prices in the condo market not climbing as fast as low-rise because it adds some stability into the marketplace,” said Paul Golini Jr., executive vice-president of Empire Communities, which builds both low-rise and high-rise developments in Southern Ontario. “If the price of condos were increasing exponentially, then the land would be increasing exponentially. It’s easy to get caught in that vicious circle of price increases.”

Yet in the rush to encourage urban intensification, cities like Toronto are now struggling to find the right mix of affordable housing to serve an influx of new residents from other provinces or countries.

“One could reasonably make the case that some of the [policy] incentives in place have taken us too far in terms of the shrinking diversity of housing choices,” said Toronto-Dominion Bank deputy chief economist Derek Burleton.

He worries policy makers are focusing too much on development around existing transit corridors, rather than building a more comprehensive transit system that could help unlock new land on which to build a better mix of housing.

By encouraging more high-rise projects, cities haven’t necessarily succeeded in stopping suburban sprawl. In some cases, they have only pushed it farther away.

The fastest-growing communities in Canada, according to the latest Statistics Canada census, are far-flung suburbs like Milton and Stouville, Ont. as well as Squamish, B.C., which sit nearly an hour outside their respective urban cores of Toronto and Vancouver. They have been growing at a far faster rate than the cities they serve as young families move further afield in search of affordable detached homes.

“There’s a little catchphrase that we came up with in the industry: Drive until you qualify,” Mr. Golini said. “You’re driving further away from the city core until you hit the number that allows you to qualify for that price.”

But some say the tide is slowly turning. Builders are increasingly turning away from purely high-rise condo developments and toward mid-rise and townhouse developments in a bid to create more affordable family-friendly housing in the urban core. Changes to Ontario’s building code last month legalizing six-storey wood-frame buildings, which are cheaper than steel and concrete, should also help add mix of new, more affordable low-rise housing.

In some cases condo dwellers are choosing to move up within the condo market rather than fighting bidding wars for houses in the city. The demand for bigger condos is helping drive up the price of units in older buildings in Toronto, which have traditionally traded at a discount to new builds, Mr. Hildebrand said.

At Yonge and Eglinton, in the heart of Toronto’s uptown, Menkes Developments Ltd. is building its first condo project directed to young families. In the Eglinton, which is slated to open in 2018, at least 10 per cent of the units will be family-friendly three-bedrooms and the building will also have a dedicated playroom for kids.

Some buyers are now looking at condos as a long-term family home rather than a stop on the way to a detached house, said developer Alan Menkes. But the shift is happening slowly.

“We’re going to try to do more family condominiums, but the market is going to determine what we can build,” he said. “We don’t want to build things that the market doesn’t want.”

Even for the younger generation of homebuyers trend toward settling down in a condo has been painstakingly slow, meaning the gap between condo and houses is destined to only get bigger in the coming years.

“”There is generation that finds it completely normal to live in a condo and not have any aspiration to buy a home,” Re/Max’s Mr. Raven says. “But they still have parents who they”ve got to go to dinner with on Sunday and those parents are telling them: ‘you have to buy a house, you have to buy a house.'””


Bank Owned Properties For Sale

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bank property for sale

24 Cumberland Dr Brampton Ontario L6V1W6

Beautiful Newly Renovated 3 Bedroom Raised Bungalow With Upgraded Laminate Floor Throughout , Main Floor Living And Dining Room With Open Concept Kitchen ,Separate Entrance To The Basement ,Great Location In Central Brampton

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Why Dalemundi ?

When choosing a realtor, the right representation is very critical. I have many years of experience and the right skills to offer you:

· Professional and strong representation of your best interests from knowledge and negotiating skills

· Market knowledge and market evaluation for all areas in GTA to ensure that you don’t settle for anything but the best.

If you are ​thinking of ​ buying or selling, either as ​a home owner or a investor,contact me

​Dale Mundi​ for information on how I can help you succeed in achieving your real estate ​goals and objectives possible.​

​I can assure you that you will receive;​

· ​The best expert advice ​from my​ extensive experience ​in real estate​

· Strong negotiating skills​to ensure to get you the best deal​

· Regular updates ​on current market sales and trends​

· Peace of mind​​ to ensure that our office staff and my self is there ​until the closing of your property Here are some of featured projects that Dale Mundi is working on. Town home​s in Niagara Falls, Custom Build homes in Niagara Falls, Water front condos in Toronto. Dale Mundi also has properties in Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Milton such as Towns, Semis and Detached homes. Most recent listing by Dale Mundi is Bank Sale (Power of Sale) Detach home in Brampton. For more information visit & 416-313-1313


Dale Mundi: Details about Niagara Falls homes

With two beautiful and unique elevations to choose from and 5 different layouts, The WOW Euro Towns has multiple different styles and selections to choose from! Both elevations offer covered second floor balconies to have family and friends over to barbecue or just relax and enjoy the ambient community scenery #Dale #Mundi Realtor and real estate hut realty Inc, Brokerage, #dale #mundi .


The right investment for you

Buying the right property is a tuff decision. Just like choosing the right realtor to represent you. New home or resale home I (Dale Mundi) can help you with this process. Ensuring the home meets your needs and wants as well as fits into your budget. When you buy your property me (Dale mundi) not only I will make sure that only the best property is found for you, I will help you get the right mortgage and will be there for you step by step right thru to the closing.


Now that you ready to move in I (Dale Mundi) can help you furnish it with easy access to the best retailers of appliances. I (Dale Mundi) have worked very hard with retailors and negotiate prices that fits your budget.


So why not let me help you find the right investment for you!


Dale Mundi