About Mississauga

Mississauga is all about LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION! Half of the expected population growth of the Greater Toronto Area occurs in Mississauga alone. Most of the land in Mississauga has already been developed and is ready for eager home buyers. The market is both healthy for those who wish to sell and those who wish to buy! The civic square is in development stage and around forty million dollars is being spent on it to have it made into an amazing attraction within this city.
Many ethnic festivals take place and this city is home to many affluent immigrants. There are many people who call Mississauga home and many more who are eager to in future months! In Mississauga, there are a variety of housing options for all kinds of people including young professionals, the elderly, new families and more. Mississauga offers lower and better prices than many other booming cities, making it a desirable place to live. Being desirable as a city means that both buyers and sellers have every reason to either invest or sell within Mississauga. This city aims to bring people together. There is a rapid transportation system, friendly streets and all the major conveniences required of a city. The city of Mississauga has recently put in place a strategic plan to celebrate our different cultures and villages and to make this city the best it can be. There is no shortage of growth opportunities in this beautiful well developed city. 
The main University in Mississauga UFT is home to many students, an outstanding over 3000 students being accepted every year at the Mississauga Campus. There are many colleges as well, such as Sheridan across from square one Mall which is still growing in size. Mississauga is home to several Top Rated Schools, prestigious Colleges and a University.
The Economic Development Office is available to help new or developed businesses with questions, concerns or to aid them in growth. Mississauga caters to businesses and helps them grow to their full potential. The Mississauga Business Enterprise helps people start new businesses and provides them with resources and guidance. Therefore, Mississauga is not only desirable for living but also for business. What better reason to relocate? What better reason to sell?