Great Minds Think Alike

The prestigious living environment of ICON330 is coupled by the unprecedented product durability of luxury student housing's pioneer developer and operator, Rise Real Estate.

Founded in 2005 with a mission of introducing a new brand of student living across Canada and currently building their third high-density development in Ontario, Rise Real Estate's thriving leasing brand, has been referred to as the 'Four Seasons of student housing.'

Driven by a mandate to advocate sustainable building practices and incorporate the long-term benefits of eco-efficient options, Rise Real Estate understands the value of environmental impact in all of their projects. They integrate only high standard fixtures, finishes and systems that establish each luxury development as an eco-friendly and energy efficient living environment inside and out.

Every project maintains a high level of excellence and sophisticated design. And now, with the introduction of the ICON sales brand, Rise Real Estate is excited to invite investors to become a part of their success story.