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Welland is approximately one and one-half hours by automobile to Toronto’s International airport and forty-five minutes from the Buffalo airport.

Welland is within 81.04 km2 (31.29 sq mi) of half of the population of the United States and Canada, and 60 percent of the North American industrial market. This market area comprises three-quarters of the purchasing power of Canada and the United States. As well, seven of the top ten U.S. industrial states are within one day’s trucking of Welland. Welland is closer to the bulk of the U.S. market than Florida, Texas and California!

The City’s location on the St. Lawrence Seaway links Welland to ocean ports in such places as Hong Kong, the Pacific Rim, Europe, and North and South America. There is space on Welland’s harbor on the Welland Canal for warehousing of goods to be loaded onto and received from ocean going ships.

Welland has rail linkage to major Canadian and U.S. centers, and its airport offers service to both business and leisure travelers, and accommodates both freight and private jet passenger crafts on a regular basis.