Of all the cities in Niagara Region, Welland best represents the cultural mosaic that truly is Canadian. Welland celebrates its multicultural diversity annually with its Folklore Festival and International Luncheons. With a significant French-Canadian population, the City is also home to a significant Italian community and over the past decade has become “the port of call” for immigrants from South America, Africa, Asia, and Russia. The Welland Heritage Council and Multicultural Centre is always excited to welcome new arrivals. The organizations offers immigration assistance, computer training, daycare and employment seeking assistance. Welcome to Welland!

The Welland Rose

On August 13, 1991, City of Welland Council passed the resolution to adopt Rose #K0802647 as Welland’s Official Rose, and was named The City of Welland Rose. The city then ordered 1000 bushes for 1993. The first four bushes were given to Joe Mocsan, Gord Rendell, Peter Boyce and Wayne Rohaly, the members of the rose selection committee, in appreciation for their efforts. The Welland Rose Festival continues to promote and sell the Welland Rose every summer so that Welland residents can appreciate the beauty and pride of Welland’s horticulture.

Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing Base Welland is at the geographical centre of Niagara’s diversified manufacturing base and supply chain network. Welland’s 25,000 strong labour force has ready-to-go experience and depth in precision machining, metal forming, electrical & connectivity, hydraulics and power distribution.

Sustainable Products

Leverage world-class research, technology and innovation to help you grow. Recognized as a small town with big ideas, Welland was the first city in Canada to develop a free WiFi network. In recognition of our energy conservation efforts, Welland has recently been designated as a LED City.

Economic Development

The WDC actively recruits new businesses and industries interested in establishing or expanding their enterprises in the City, as well as building working relationships with local businesses. It also promotes new business and investment opportunities within the City and will provide the business community with information and assistance with their respective needs and concerns.

Facilities & Halls

Planning a special event or looking to rent a facility? We can accommodate birthday parties, corporate events, meetings of various sizes, showers, dinner and dance and more. Tables and chairs are included in most rentals.

Emerging Investment Opportunities

Welland is enviable in terms of business and personal fulfillment. The City is strategically and conveniently located within Ontario’s “Golden Horseshoe” region. The Golden Horseshoe is centred by Metropolitan Toronto, which is Canada’s largest consumer market and an integral part of its industrial heartland.

Green Energy

While the rest of Canada and the world are rushing to make decisions and build a climate and infrastructure for long term investment and development in green energy, Welland is ready. More importantly, the Welland Hydro-Electric System Corporation, a city owned utility, not only delivers the required grid capacity but will minimize the red tape required to set up production and get to market quickly. Our industry and academic partnerships have put Welland at the forefront of innovation and new technologies related to alternative and sustainable energy sources.

Health & Wellness

Over 50 provincial and federal programs to help finance your growth in Welland. From interest and principal free loans, R & D tax credits, training and job creation programs and support for green energy technology investment, Welland is one of the most attractive places to do business.