Is it a good place to invest? Well, we’re investing over $10M in R&D here annually and our growth plan continues as we deliver digital cinema products to the world from Waterloo Region.”

Gerry Remers, President, Christie Digital

“The Waterloo Region has had a long tradition of technical excellence and entrepreneurial spirit that goes back more than a century with companies like Seagrams, Electrohome and Schneiders. And this trend continues today with the Waterloo Region as home to some of the top technology companies in the world.”

Tom Jenkins, Chairman of the Board, Open Text

“The (Waterloo) Region has internationally recognized research institutes complemented by commercially oriented post secondary institutions. This one-two punch has fostered a regional milieu that encourages and supports new technology ventures.”

Tim Jackson, Partner, Tech Capital Partners

“Why is this the best place to invest in Canada? Talented people! Our region is a magnet for talent.”

David Johnston, Governor General of Canada

“The Waterloo Region has all the ingredients required for start ups to succeed: an educated and skilled workforce, major research talents at the local postsecondary institutions and the availability of business skills necessary to ensure their financial success.”

Robert G. Rosehart, former President, Wilfrid Laurier University

The Waterloo Region is at the core of an unmatched matrix of business and technology success facilitators: •a pool of top talent from Canada’s best constellation of post-secondary schools •Canada’s most direct routes to multiple crossing to US markets •Canada’s largest international airport •a tremendously contagious community spirit of success •one of the best networks of businesses and support organizations anywhere And, all this is neatly wrapped up in an outstanding, safe, economical place to live.”

John Keating, CEO, COM DEV

“I came from the USA and picked Waterloo Region to start my business because it has a unique combination of critical factors that guarantee it will be one of the fastest growing high tech centers in North America over the next 10-20 years.”

Eric Meger, President, Broadband Learning Corp.

“The Waterloo Region has a great resource infrastructure for start up technology companies: a critical pool of highly skilled people, excellent communications and transportation systems, reliable sources of energy, and an enterprising spirit that permeates the community.”

Savvas Chamberlain, Former CEO, Dalsa

The Waterloo Region is “one of the brightest stars in the Canadian economic skies…..Waterloo-Guelph’s high-tech sector is growing by leaps and bounds…..The area is an attractive place to live and work, as demonstrated by the number of people who move in each year… the area has a relatively youthful population and strong net in-migration.”

Bank of Montreal, Regional Outlook for Waterloo Region 

“Kitchener has been a terrific place to work in – the area is a hotbed of talent, and the local business community has been incredibly welcoming. We appreciate all the support from CTT Inc in helping us establish an important development team for our business and grow in the region, and look forward to celebrating with everyone at our event.”

Peter Bojanic, Senior Director, Software Development, Xyratex

“The Kitchener-Waterloo region has a long track record for attracting some of the brightest software talent in the industry and cultivating great developers. We’re delighted to join this world-class community of IT organizations in Canada,” said Peter Bojanic, Software Development Director, Xyratex.”

Peter Bojanic, Senior Director, Software Development, Xyratex

We discovered that we could ship our product within 24 hours to any destination in Canada, the US or Mexico.”

Stefan Kleemann, CEO of North American Operations of LaserJob

We wanted to be part of the exciting technological developments that are taking place in the area. We are using space-age materials and state-of-the-art production equipment in the plant. We see this as the perfect place in North America to launch our ‘hand-craft meets high-tech’ manufacturing strategy!”

Dieter Morszeck, CEO of RIMOWA

The Waterloo region has long been recognized as a vital technology hub for Ontario, and the world. The Cisco Incubation Centre is a terrific opportunity for Cisco to further contribute to the region and empower Canada’s emerging entrepreneurs. We look forward to working with students and researchers as we continue to build on the amazing work being done in the region.”

Nitin Kawale, President, Cisco Canada

“What happens in Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge in knowledge creation and dissemination and creation of high-value innovation is a metaphor for the 21st-century Canadian economy.”

David Johnston, Governor General of Canada

There is no doubt collaboration and mentoring will germinate new initiatives in digital media, ensuring the long term success of the Waterloo Region.”

Gerry Remers, President & COO, Christie Digital

I was absolutely amazed at what is going on in the region, not just in terms of growth, but also the level of collaboration and its natural by-product – innovation

Dan Breitman, Vice President, Engine Development Programs, Pratt & Whitney Canada