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Buy or sell first?


Deciding whether to buy or sell first can be tricky. If your DALE MUNDI agent finds a buyer for your existing home, before
you’ve found a new one, you may find yourself living out of a suitcase if convenient closing dates cannot be negotiated.
If you find your dream home before you sell your old one, you may be forced to carry two mortgages at the same time.

To manage the buying and selling process speak to your DALE MUNDI agent and start your new home search as soon as your
existing home hits the market.

Your DALE MUNDI agent can assist you whether you’ve already bought your next home or if you’re still looking. The use of
clauses in the Purchase and Sale agreement such as, “sale of your existing home” or “purchase of a new home” can be added
as conditions to agreements to ensure that you are not without a place to live. Using the “sale of your existing home”
can affect your negotiating power as it is a difficult decision for many sellers to agree on.

There are many reasons why people choose to sell their homes, but every seller has one thing in common: to sell their
home for the highest amount possible, in the shortest amount of time.

When you are ready to sell your home, take inventory of the reasons why you are choosing to sell. These factors will
help play into looking for your new home, as well as give ideas for staging and small upgrades.

When should you sell?

Everyone wants to take advantage of the housing market when it comes to selling your home. Unless you are buying and
selling strategically for investment, the best time to sell is when your existing home does not meet your current or
future needs.

A key factor to consider is the economy. The economic health of a country affects many factors related to real estate.
Mortgage rates are often influenced by the state of the economy. A higher interest rate may encourage you to stay with
your current home as the increase in mortgage payments may change your financial situation. A lower interest rate may
mean that you can upgrade to a larger home with a minimal impact to your current mortgage.

Keep in mind that holidays and weather may impact the sale of your home. Winter holidays and the peak summer season keep
many potential buyers busy and not looking for homes. Buyers with school-aged children often choose to move during the
summer to minimize the challenges with changing schools in the middle of the year.

Choosing your DALE MUNDI agent will connect you with a knowledgeable professional who is well versed in all aspects of real

A DALE MUNDI agent who is an expert in your neighbourhood is the ideal candidate to assist in your home sale. An expert in
your neighbourhood will be able to answer questions from potential buyers about the area, giving them an excellent idea
of what your home’s location has to offer. Interview DALE MUNDI agents, and ensure that you are comfortable with their
knowledge of your area.

An exclusive listing arrangement means that you are granting your DALE MUNDI agent exclusive access to find a buyer for your

With this type of agreement, no other agent will bring potential buyers to your home, because only the listing agent is
entitled to the commission. You can arrange an agreement with your DALE MUNDI agent to have your listing posted to the MLS
after an agreed period of time.

You may consider this type of arrangement in a seller’s market, where there are more people interested in purchasing a
home than there are homes available.

A non-exclusive listing arrangement means that your listing will be posted to the MLS system and other real estate agents
have the ability to bring potential buyers to your home. The advantage of this type of arrangement is the exposure of your
home. Your listing will be syndicated to various websites, including, allowing potential buyers and agents to
consider your home. Non-exclusive listings are the most common type of agreements in the Canadian real estate market.

Your DALE MUNDI agent will draft a listing agreement with the details of your home. This will give you a comprehensive
insight into your home for prospective buyers. Room sizes and the age of the home are just some details required to
list your home. With this information your DALE MUNDI agent can list your home, and depending on your listing agreement
your agent will post this information to various websites, such as; the Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) and

Condition of Your Home

With a critical eye, examine you home inside and out. Determine if there are any small repairs or underlying problems
that you are aware of. Any small repairs that you are able to complete will help negotiate with buyers. If there are
any major repairs, like a leaky basement, you will want to bring them to the attention of your agent.

DALE MUNDI Clean KitchenPut extra emphasis on your kitchen and bathroom. Replace moldy shower curtains and clean mold and
mildew off of bathroom tiles. Caulk if necessary. Repair leaky faucets and replace cracked toilet seats. Ensure that the
toilet flushes properly. Make certain that the drains are unclogged. Everything should sparkle — faucets, floors,
counters, mirrors. What can be cleaned should be!

In the kitchen, clean the stove and refrigerator, organize the cupboards and wash the floor. Make certain your appliances
work. Wipe the walls, touch-up paint or re-stick wall paper if necessary. Clean the sink and ensure that it drains
properly and the faucet doesn’t leak. (When your home is shown, make sure there are no dirty dishes in the sink and don’t
forget to take out garbage !)