Find Out Who Is In Their Sphere of Influence

Ask the agent you are interviewing about his/her database and center of influence. Aside from the types of clients they work with or the type of deals they specialize in, you want to get an idea of the sort of people they’re acquainted with. What you’re mainly looking out for is if they know other business owners in your area. Those businesses may not have been their clients, but having a relationship of some sort with other business owners will allow your agent to acquire valuable information on what they can can do to best serve you as a client.

Basement Floor

Second Floor : 1296 Sq.ft

Ground Floor : 1034 Sq.ft.

Option 1 & Option 2

Basement Floor

Second Floor: 2109 Sq.ft

Ground Floor 1746 Sq.ft.

Ground Floor : 1590 Sq.ft

Second Floor : 1537 Sq.ft.